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“European leaders must speak clearly to people”, my interview for Times of Malta


interview by Kurt Sansone - “Times of Malta”, November 11th 2015 The Berlin Wall fell 26 years ago but today in Europe many more walls are being built. Is this disappointing for European socialists? Yes, definitely. The illusion that walls

Finally Europe starts to wake up in the face of migration tragedies

Migranti sbarcano a Lampedusa

We welcome the decision to extend, until the end of 2015, the mandate of the Triton operation and its reinforcement of 13.7 million euros. But we must tackle the root causes of the sea tragedies.

Beyond the peace agreement in Ukraine lie unpredictable consequences

All forces on the ground should stick to the agreement. Should someone breach the ceasefire to boycott the agreement, they will have to face their responsibility in front of the whole world.

The EU PNR project must comply with ECJ ruling and be linked to data protection

The S&D Group wants an EU PNR system if that is a useful tool to fight terrorism and not to diminish our level of democracy.

Without a common EU foreign policy, PNR (passenger name records) will not help

If we want Europe to act rather than just react, we need the EU to equip itself with a real common foreign policy. This would be decisive in the battle for security and freedom.

From Greece, a clear message to EU: stop austerity and Troika’s dictators

The Greek people have clearly chosen to stop the austerity imposed on them by Troika’s dictators and ask the new government to bring in fair policies with more social justice.

Europe’s socialists and democrats in Paris, united against barbarism

I wanted to come to Paris to show the solidarity of the socialists and democrats across Europe with the people of France. Today, the world was with Paris. We are all Charlie.

German right-wing forces must stop acting like a sheriff in Greece

German right-wing forces trying to act like a sheriff in Greece or any other member states are not only unacceptable but above all wrong.

The investment plan is a good starting point, austerity dogma has been broken


The paradigm has finally changed. From the blind austerity dogma of the Barroso era, we are now moving to a new phase focused on investment, jobs and growth.

S&Ds call for European crackdown on tax fraud and evasion – and launch #TaxJustice campaign

Calling for a European crackdown on unfair practices which cost €1 trillion every year in Europe and raise taxes for European citizens.

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